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Who we are

We are a sales solution company, we don't like to be called an advertising agency, we are a sales agency. Our focus is to make your company sell more, no matter what your segment, we are able to find a solution in sales.


In the beginning, CREIS CONSULTORIA's focus was work aimed at the recovery of companies in crisis, but how to recover a company that does not sell?


As a result, we specialize in the commercial area, using new sales channels to change the way our customers operate. What was once a problem is now a solution.

Selling has never been easier!

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Why choose CReis Consultoria?

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Digital tools are the marketing solution the market needs. But it is necessary that your website is well structured, ranked, with SEO up to date and that it has all the necessary tools to monitor your consumer's digital behavior.  

The marketing consultancy CReis Consultoria presents a 360 model of digital resources, with a unique differential: Wix Partner. 

Digital Marketing and Wix Partner: A perfect choice

Digital marketing consultancy, Google sales campaign and Google consultancy are the biggest steps your business can take after creating a website well prepared for organic traffic and paid traffic.

The marketing consultant has experience and practice in marketing marketing, SEO, sales campaign and all the digital resources to sell more. 

What is a Wix Partner?

Wix Partner is an advanced website consulting and SEO consulting program, as well as digital marketing consulting and Google consulting.


Wix is, today, the biggest solution for digital companies, enabling you to have real results in a single online platform. At Wix you build your digital strategy with the tools  more efficient sales.

Why choose a Wix Partner?

The marketing consultant Wix Partner offers diagnosis and solution for your business, leaving your website prepared for Google to position you even better in search engines, highlighting your product or service in the results lists.  

With a search marketing strategy, keywords, SEO and understanding the rules that Google establishes for highly ranked sites, the marketing consultant and Google consultant defines the best structure for your site to be found by exactly who is looking for a particular product or service, increasing your company's sales and visibility. 

it is worth it
to hire?

Marketing consultancy and Wix Partner are, together, the greatest fuel for your business to leverage sales and results. ​

Marketing consultancy offers efficiency and precision to solve problems and establish clear and tactical objectives for good digital performance. ​

The consultant sees the business plan as a whole and can apply his techniques, correcting and guiding the entire digital management of your company, making the results more effective and continuous both in the sales campaign and in capturing and retaining customers.

As a Wix Partner , the digital consultancy establishes a new digital strategic plan framework.

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Many websites and sales campaign published

Know what works and what doesn't

Strategic Baggage


The advantages of having a Wix website created by a Wix Partner are:

Be available and able to solve any type of business need

The Wix website made by a Wix Partner , with digital marketing consultancy offers quality, compatibility and assertiveness.


The Google search happens when you determine and hit the most searched words by customers, the site with SEO is effective in this regard

Social networks

Having a website connected to social networks is no longer an option, the user wants speed, ease and quality communication


Every Wix site is responsive, helping Google to find and recommend you, as the user accesses your site on any device

Contact Forms

The Google search happens when you determine and hit the most searched words by customers, the site with SEO is effective in this regard

Blogs and content production

It is possible to create content and publicize everything your company offers with constant content and becoming an authority on the subject of your segment

Customizable website

In Wix you can include (or exclude) modules, pages, showcases, videos, photos and whatever else you can imagine, customizing your website with everything your business needs

Sales, store and payment area

All the functionalities of a virtual store within your Wix website in a simple, automated and secure way.

Site management in a shared environment

Your Wix Partner consultant and your team are connected to manage your website and provide support whenever necessary

Affordable value as a complete tool

All the needs and functionality of a complete website in a single Wix platform


Wix allows all the technical part to be done on its own platform, facilitating access and solutions

Plugins and Usability

Prepared with all the tools and functionalities you need, the Wix Partner consultant has extensions available that allow the best usability to make your sale effective.

All these benefits are consolidated in a single dynamic professional, updated, with a team of solutions, training and support from a company like Wix.

Since 2006 in the world digital market and always updated to the needs of the most diverse segments.

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