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Why Hire a Sales Consulting Firm?

In more than 20 years of experience, I have followed market changes to make customers enter our stores. From a very early age I had to learn to sell by other means so as not to rely solely on local businesses. I currently develop the distance sales department for more than 30 companies in the country, using technological resources to find clients across the globe.


Our customers today use technology to reach people beyond the borders of our city and the use of the Internet is a differentiator.  


For 10 years as a digital marketing consultant, Creis Consulting offers strategic financial consulting and is a specialist in google ads. Stop looking for Digital Marketing and Google Ads companies, what you need is to change your behavior and understand the market trends.


We work at all points in your company to be able to turn contacts into sales, we make your phone ring yes, but the most important thing is to turn this contact into a sale.

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We can get your phone ringing again.

Creis Consultoria has been in the market for 10 years advising self-employed professionals, small and medium-sized companies from the most diverse segments that face difficulties common to all entrepreneurs in Brazil.  

Our company was created with the objective of providing consultancy to companies that were experiencing administrative and financial difficulties, however we understand that adjusting a company that does not sell is almost impossible. With this, we seek to understand the new forms of commercialization that exist and specialize in the digital area.

Our digital services

Discover the Secrets of Success

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what our customers
satisfied they say.

Recommendations from satisfied customers that affirm the value of our service.

Felipe Casonato

Campinas paver

They created everything, logo, website, instagram, even the idea of the business came from there. Gil came to me saying that he had thought of an installation company for a client of his and that I could learn and run the business. My company was created by CREIS CONSULTORIA, thank you Gil.


Locksmith in Campinas

I got to know Gil's Service by appointment and it has been an incredible experience. Gil's work brought immediate results, he was super human and understood the company's needs, and he has helped to relate  new customers that  It's very organic.


Rafa Kids

For me, the strategy of having two websites, one for each customer profile was very positive. Today I have everything doubled: one for the adult audience and the other for the children's audience. Not only did the volume of conversions for children grow, the cost per click of the children's campaign dropped dramatically!

See website


Align Campinas

About the services provided, I can only thank you! I was very well attended and I have my doubts clarified whenever I need them. Honest, practical service, no stalling and unnecessary selling. I recommend and recommend 100%!

Studio Erica Maia

Erica Maia

When I started my Studio I had no idea of the importance of having a good website and promoting my work on google and instagram. Creis Consultoria takes care of everything. Arts, photos, videos and advertisements. Today we work with 4 people and thanks to their work we have many clients every day. Our APP was their creation, it's great.

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