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Exchanges and Cancellations and LGPD

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There are two possibilities for cancellations to be made at any time:

1. Monthly Plans

With 30 days notice, services will be suspended after 30 days, as well as payments. In this case, there is no residual value and the customer can receive your site for management and control if you want. If the client chooses to continue the administration of the Wix Web Site with Creis Consultoria, he will only have the annual amount of hosting and administration to pay, when his contract expires.

2. Services Contracted on Time

The service contracted for configuring Web Sites may be canceled until the beginning of its execution, after this period cancellation requests will not be accepted, since the work has already been done and there is no possibility of undoing it.


As it is a digital product, there is no possibility of an exchange being made, the customer may request changes to your website at any time as long as you are up to date with your payments.



Your data will be kept by Creis Consultoria under the terms of the LGPD. For any information, please contact us via email  

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