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rafa kids.jpg

“For me, the strategy of having two websites, one for each customer profile was very positive. Today I have everything duplicated:
  website, Instagram, Facebook and Google my business.
One for the adult audience and the other  for children. Not only did the volume of conversions for children increase, the cost per click of the children's campaign dropped dramatically. Thank you CREIS CONSULTORIA for always seeking to innovate and improve our marketing campaign."

Design sem nome (4).png

“I would like to thank Creis Consultoria for the excellent work it has done in the sales area of our company. We have been very successful due to the work and consultancy carried out by Creis Consultoria.”


chaveiro em campinas (4).jpg

“I got to know Gil's Service by appointment and it has been an incredible experience. Gil's work brought immediate results, he was super human and understood the company's needs, and he has helped to relate  new customers that  It's very organic."

barbearia rafa reis.png

Gil has made a difference in my web presence… He set up the campaign on Google Ads that has been returning daily. It has guided me about the photos I should publish, promotions I can do to leverage new customers. As I recently changed the salon where I work as a barber, without this service it would be very difficult to form a new clientele.


pavimentadora campinas.png

They created everything, logo, website, instagram, even the idea of the business came from there. Gil came to me saying that he had thought of an installation company for a client of his and that I could learn and run the business. My company was created by CREIS CONSULTORIA, thank you Gil.


pisopav (1).png

Nowadays, if we don't advertise our company on the internet, it is very difficult to get a quick result. When I hired Gil's service, in the first month I was able to see results. We have had great growth since we hired your service. I got to know your work through a referral and I've also recommended it to other people.



Interlocking flooring was one of the things our company could manufacture but had never done. With over 20 years of making concrete blocks we had never made interlocking floors. CREIS, through the person of its director, Gil put the idea in our head and developed everything related to the commercial area.


concertina para muro.png

An excellent professional, a visionary, objective and enlightening man. Gil has opened up my business vision, both of my company and how my personal life weighs on my productivity at the company. A professional I recommend.


bella verissima (1).png

We bought the service a short time ago and I confess that I didn't really believe in internet advertising. That's when Gil introduced me to his company and challenged me to get a new audience for my work. We've only been there for a month and a half and I already see the fruits of this work on the internet. The service is direct and fast and we have online support all the time. With service consulting and training.


Bella verisimal

mania de laço.png

When I started my Studio I had no idea of the importance of having a good website and promoting my work on google and instagram. Creis Consultoria takes care of everything. Arts, photos, videos and advertisements.

Today we work with 4 people and thanks to their work we have many clients every day. Our APP was their creation, it's great.



Specialized service in google ads and instagram ads, allows us to find customers who need our services at a very low cost compared to what we did before.

flor de lotus.png

From the moment we started using Google tools, we noticed that the demand for our company increased considerably. The consultancy helps us find the right paths, directs us where to focus and points out where we were going wrong. Thus helping the company find new customers and close new deals. It's a look to the future knowing that it's right now. Using the right tools like Google, Instagram and Facebook and with good advice, you can expand your expectations of success.


Sandra Fantinato

dj limpadora.png

Our segment went all over to Google, and we didn't know. When the site went live, the phone started ringing. I found out about him through a client he works with and who referred me. Thank you for the support


pimentas thoro.png

We are agricultural producers of peppers and sub-products such as sauces, jams and preserves, always associated with peppers. When I decided to sell my products online, I looked for a service provider that had three essential qualities, know how, excellent service and honest price, and that's what I found at Creis Consultoria. We are starting our business, a delicate moment that requires a lot of attention and care for your business to be a success!! With Creis Consultoria we found the perfect partnership!!


Rose Skelton

piscinas da fabrica.png

It changed the reality of our company. We only sold to people who were close to us, now we have clients all over Campinas. They take care of everything, google, facebook, emails. we just sell


therm cold (1).png

The company Creis Consulting was essential for the creation of my company AR CONDICIONADO CAMPINAS  it helped us from the creation of the website to the hiring of our employees, looking for a profile that fits the reality of the company. Guiding in the sales, administrative and HR. Always with great attention and focus to serve with the best quality and speed. With them we sell every day.

Therm Cold


Hi, I'm Leandro, physiotherapist responsible for the Dr Hérnia de Paulínia franchise, I would like to thank Gil and his company for the services provided in the consulting area  and dissemination with our website and campaigns on google ADS, I hope our partnership continues for a long time, a hug.


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