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Why hire Creis Consultoria to take care of your company's ads in Jundiaí?

vender na crise em jundiai

Our team is specialized in the marketing area and in the configuration of today's main digital marketing tools such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. We create automated processes for service and virtual stores integrated with the main marketplaces.

But the main characteristic of our team is that in addition to mastering the modern digital marketing tools, we have sales specialists taking care of the programmers team. Advertising is not enough, we have to have advertisements that speak to the consumer and move him in the direction of buying the products offered.

In addition to generating Reliable Leads, we have to bring in customers who can and want to buy the products sold by our customers. Wanting to buy is not always being able to buy. Our customers are going through the pandemic crisis without having problems with sales because they were already ahead in the race for the digital sales process.

CREIS CONSULTORIA is prepared to work with your small business to bring the right customers to consume your products. Few are the locations in Jundiaí that provide a complete and personalized service for small customers for amounts that can be paid. We are not an advertising and advertising agency, we are a sales team that will raise clients and train your team to close sales.

Call now and speak directly to our Sales Leader. Stop suffering from the crisis.




rafa kids.jpg

RAFAEL, Rafa Kids

“For me, the strategy of having two websites, one for each customer profile was very positive. Today I have everything duplicated:
  website, Instagram, Facebook and Google my business.
One for the adult audience and the other  for children. Not only did the volume of conversions for children increase, the cost per click of the children's campaign dropped dramatically. Thank you CREIS CONSULTORIA for always seeking to innovate and improve our marketing campaign."

chaveiro em campinas (4).jpg

DAVID, Office Locksmith

“I got to know Gil's Service by appointment and it has been an incredible experience. Gil's work brought immediate results, he was super human and understood the company's needs, and he has helped to relate  new customers that  It's very organic."

pavimentadora campinas.png


They created everything, logo, website, instagram, even the idea of the business came from there. Gil came to me saying that he had thought of an installation company for a client of his and that I could learn and run the business. My company was created by CREIS CONSULTORIA, thank you Gil.

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