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We bought the service a short time ago and I confess that I didn't really believe in internet advertising. That's when Gil introduced me to his company and challenged me to get a new audience for my work. We've only been there for a month and a half and I already see the fruits of this work on the internet. The service is direct and fast and we have online support all the time. With service consulting and training.


Bella verisimal

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When I started my Studio I had no idea of the importance of having a good website and promoting my work on google and instagram. Creis Consultoria takes care of everything. Arts, photos, videos and advertisements.

Today we work with 4 people and thanks to their work we have many clients every day. Our APP was their creation, it's great.



Specialized service in google ads and instagram ads, allows us to find customers who need our services at a very low cost compared to what we did before.

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Ad-free sales doesn't work, Google's work has put our venture on the map.


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I am a paragraph. Click here to edit  and add your own text. Is easy! Just click "Edit Text" or double click on me and you can add your own content and switch fonts. I'm a great place for you to tell your story and let your customers know a little more about you.

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Our segment went all over to Google, and we didn't know. When the site went live, the phone started ringing. I found out about him through a client he works with and who referred me. Thank you for the support


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We are agricultural producers of peppers and sub-products such as sauces, jams and preserves, always associated with peppers. When I decided to sell my products online, I looked for a service provider that had three essential qualities, know how, excellent service and honest price, and that's what I found at Creis Consultoria. We are starting our business, a delicate moment that requires a lot of attention and care for your business to be a success!! With Creis Consultoria we found the perfect partnership!!


Rose Skelton

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It changed the reality of our company. We only sold to people who were close to us, now we have clients all over Campinas. They take care of everything, google, facebook, emails. we just sell


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The company Creis Consulting was essential for the creation of my company AR CONDICIONADO CAMPINAS  it helped us from the creation of the website to the hiring of our employees, looking for a profile that fits the reality of the company. Guiding in the sales, administrative and HR. Always with great attention and focus to serve with the best quality and speed. With them we sell every day.

Therm Cold

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​ My name is David Giuliano, I am the owner of the company DGCGÁS and we have been in the market for 13 years. We've always had good customers, but this year it wasn't as good as we wanted it to be. After hiring the company Creis Consultoria, we returned with a 100% return. You can trust!


DGC gas

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You want to sell, this is the right guy to help you. His company put mine on the map, new customers every day and a fresh look for my business.   I couldn't keep selling to the same audience anymore, the internet changed my company.



Hi, I'm Leandro, physiotherapist responsible for the Dr Hérnia de Paulínia franchise, I would like to thank Gil and his company for the services provided in the consulting area  and dissemination with our website and campaigns on google ADS, I hope our partnership continues for a long time, a hug.


"About the services provided, I can only thank you! I was very well attended and I have my doubts clarified whenever I need it. Honest, practical service, without unnecessary stalling and selling. I recommend and recommend 100%!"

Alinhacar Automotive Center



The Service Provided by consultant Gil, has been helping us to develop new techniques for selling and reaching new customers. With commercial consultancy and the management of our media such as Google and Facebook, we are achieving the expected results for our Company (Store). With a different vision and innovative ideas, Gil has brought us expressive results, certainly a work with great differential.


Probel Sales Manager - Orozimbo Maia


My name is David Giuliano, I am the owner of the company DGCGÁS and we have been in the market for 13 years. We've always had good customers, but this year it wasn't as good as we wanted it to be. After hiring the company Creis Consultoria, we returned with a 100% return. You can trust!


DGC gas

I want to publicly thank Gil Celidonio for organizing Barbearia Gomes' advertising campaign on Google Adwords, the result was noticed in the first days and even more so as the weeks went by. The number of calls and conversions in visits to our barbershop has increased a lot.


The company Creis Consulting, was essential for the creation of my company Ontherm because it helped us from the creation of the website to the hiring of our employees, looking for a profile that fits the reality of the company. Guiding in the sales, administrative and HR. Always with great attention and focus to serve with the best quality and speed. With them we sell every day.



An excellent professional, a visionary, objective and enlightening man. Gil has opened up my business vision, both of my company and how my personal life weighs on my productivity at the company. A professional I recommend.




We have been working with the administration of Google AdWords for two months and the results are already above expectations! Gil is always in contact with us to find out about the return of ads, calls and always looking to know what is happening to improve searches and make our campaigns even better. We are more than satisfied with your work and feedback and I recommend it to everyone who asks about the topic.


Rafael Marinelli

“When we started working with Creis Consultoria, we already noticed a big difference. The answer is very fast and efficient. Experienced professionals, trained and motivated to deliver solutions and success for their customers. An extremely competent company that exerts cutting-edge professionalism. Highly responsible for delivering results. We safely recommend Creis Consultoria, and it is a great honor to be able to be partners.”


Commercial Director of Hayala Consultoria Company

Good morning, I'm here to tell you how much the consulting work that Gil does for my company helps me. Without his service I was thinking about closing the doors and going back to work as an employee now my company is moving towards financial stability. doubled, not to mention the extra support he gives me I'm very happy and grateful.




Gil Celidonio, a committed, dedicated, ethical, competent and, above all, a uniquely responsible professional. The globalized, dynamic, capitalist world that currently lives, coexists and remains virtually connected twenty-four hours with the four points of the planet, brings in its wake, an infinity of people and facilities. However, there are few professionals who virtually present us with a job with fast and satisfactory results. Gil is the professional we point out as our business “angel”. Recommend, inform, would be difficult, but, in this specific case, I tried and approved the services provided by this professional who deserves my respect and admiration.



I got to know Gil's consulting work through word of mouth indications. I decided to schedule a chat in a late afternoon that lasted until the evening. From this conversation we detected several problems that occurred in my company. One of them was the financial part, as soon as we detect a problem we must go with the solution (obviously) and that's what happened. Framing the problem with an encouraging opportunity to let go of fears and shield yourself from courage and daring. We found a new angle of view, and quickly solved it. Being in my day-to-day I already started the changes in collection, I learned to value my work and all my diplomas and academic life. The results are still reaping, at the beginning, but rising like a lever. Thank you so much Gil and we continue this business journey together.




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Gil Celidonio

Originally a seller, our director has worked at renowned companies such as Banco do Brasil and worked with distributors of electronics, cosmetics and fuel. More than 15 years in commercial consulting has helped many companies to overcome the difficulty with sales.

Specialist in Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns, he is today a professional recognized by the market for transforming the identity of companies throughout Brazil.  

His sales experience helps manage digital systems with a vision marketers never dreamed of. 

Fernando Maurício
Financial COO Bpo

Imagine having access to a professional with extensive experience in the market with training in the main national institutions, courses abroad paying a monthly fee similar to the cost of an intern? The answer lies in outsourcing your financial management!  

This is the sum that Fernando brought to the formation of our team, today, in addition to taking care of the administration of our company, he serves our clients with Financial Outsourcing for our clients and friends.

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Renan Grandim
COO Face ADS and Design

Web Designer, Specialist in advertising on Facebook and Instagram, in addition to extensive experience in advertising on Google for both organic and paid media. Able to see your business as a whole, focused on getting the best results for our customers dreamed of.  

He has been with the company since 2020 taking care of new projects at the beginning and now responsible for the production and management of advertisements with Facebook. An important acquisition for the team, bringing baggage in the area of programming and managing Digital Marketing campaigns,


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Brenda Casonato
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Brazilian Paulo
Executive CRM

Brenda is responsible for the clients' first contact with our structure. Through it, most of our customers find the right service for their demand.

Brenda is a specialist in customer service, public relations graduated from PUCCAMP and develops work aimed at the digital market.

Original seller, Paulo is an SEO from a STARTUP focused on sales and chose to be part of the CREIS team because he believes in our work format.

He himself is one of the company's clients and always emphasizes the quality of the results presented. 


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Text and Social Media
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Lucas Abner
Video and Photos and Courses

Lara has a degree in social communication and has been working in the digital marketing market for 11 years - copywriter, content producer, online media, social media, SEO, SAC and advertising services are also in the hall of activities carried out during this period.  


Currently undertaking in the field of audiovisual production, filming, photographing and selling over the internet. Your expertise will help you sell more and better through quality online content.

Lucas has been working in the audiovisual market for over 5 years, he is a versatile professional with characteristics of a typical producer: attentive eyes, sensitivity, cinematographic knowledge, intimacy with cameras and a musician. 

Our audiovisual producer works capturing, editing, scripting and directing wedding videos, music videos and institutional videos in the areas of industries, factories, clinics, stores and services in various segments. 

Count on the expertise of this professional for the largest segment within social networks: valuable content, on video - the greatest audience engagement you will see as a result on your website or publications.

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Social networks
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-23 at
Social networks


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Leonardo Tangon
Programmer and Design
Leo Tangom.jpg
Vania Tangon
SEO Programmer

Léo graduated in Systems Analysis, and Web Desgin, with a postgraduate degree in Business Management in IT. He has over 20 years working as a technical teacher and extensive experience in building websites, e-commerce and design for companies. Works for over 15 years with graphic arts. Provides consultancy for companies in the area of IT and Web Management. Qualified with courses on Web Marketing.

Specialist in WIX Platform and SEO for websites.


Vânia has a degree in Commercial Management and Marketing. He has worked for over 10 years with Marketing and Sales in large companies in the area. Photography is his greatest passion. She loves to register and perpetuate moments through her click. More than 6 years working as a professional photographer. He has a vast curriculum in the field of photography. Currently specializing in 

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Programmer and Design
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